Post Covid-19: Getting a Thai visa and the CoE

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Are you planning to go to Thailand? Oh, God! Getting a visa to Thailand and the CoE hasn’t been very since the COVID-19 took over. The whole process took me more than a month with a lot of problems and I don’t want you to face what I faced.

So what are the documents you will need to travel to Thailand? Read till the end for all types of visas.


Get a Thai visa and CoE post pandemic

           Getting to Thailand might seem far and difficult but it is not impossible.


1.Application form for Thai Visa and the CoE

The application form for all types of Thai visa is the same. If you have traveled to Thailand before, you understand what I mean. If you haven’t as well, download the form and fill in the application form for the types of visa for example tourist or Non-B or an academic.

You can download the form from the embassy’s website.

If you got the form and downloaded it, Congrats.!! You are one step closer. Well done!

2. Confirmation of Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) for 14 days 

There is a list of hotels that are considered as Alternative Quarantine. You need to book the hotel room for a minimum of 14 days at your own expense.

Might wonder how much does it cost? What are the hotels like? What is the food like ?……….. Questions might go on and on.

Well starting with the price, the cheapest ones start from THB 33000 ($ 1104) and go up to THB 650,000 ($ 21763).

Well here is the list of hotels you can pick from this COVID-19 pandemic.

They offer pick-up service to your hotel and drop off too and many more. Please remember the cheap ones are packed most of the time. Hurry up! to book one or you might end up on the expensive ones.

This is one of the most important steps in getting a visa and the CoE to Thailand.

If you have done it cheers. Great!


3.Valid health insurance

Well, this is the most complex part of getting a  Thai visa and the CoE. So, you make sure this is right no matter what.

You must be used to doing different types of insurances. But this health insurance should be covering all expenditure of medical treatment, including COVID-19 with a minimum coverage of 100,000 USD.

When you go to do your insurance, please don’t forget to tell the insurance agent that your insurance policy must have COVID-19 mentioned in it. If you don’t have it mentioned, your insurance policy isn’t valid.




how to make a valid medical insurance for getting a Thai Visa and the CoE

The most important thing to be included in your Medical insurance Policy                                                  has been marked in red.


You can take the policy to make it your reference. Please bear in mind that not all insurance companies do these types of insurance. So, go to the once and be specific about what you need.

Yes, I have found many whose insurance policies have been deemed invalid by the embassy.

If you do it right, you are one step getting closer to getting a Thai-visa and the CoE. Hurray!!!


4. Completed Declaration Form

Post COVID-19, there is a separate form you are required to fill along with your Visa application form and ASQ, insurance, and ticket which you did not need to fill prior to the pandemic.

The declaration form consists of a number of questions you need to answer is YES and NO.

You will definitely find it super easy.

You can download the form from this link

5.Negative PCR report

I am sure doing a PCR test isn’t as complicated as it used to be during the pandemic. One of the key requirements and the most confusing is this report.

You must have your COVID-19 PCR test done within 72 hours of your flight. Well, it’s not as easy as you might think to calculate this 72 hours.

Remember it’s the time they take your sample for PCR and not when you get your result. So, calculate the time carefully.

6. Fit to fly

A fit to fly document isn’t something we are used to making. You can get this from your physician. It’s super easy if they know your medical history.

So, this document states that you have no serious medical history. This document should also mention that the result of the PCR test was negative to make it even clearer to anyone who sees your document.

The most essential part is that the document is it should have a line saying ‘he/she is fit to fly’. Even if you have everything written but not this line, your Fit to Fly document is useless.

Remember! it should be issued no more than 72 hours before your departure.


A fit to fly document to get your Thai Visa and the CoE

          A sample of my Fit-to-Fly document.

7.Flight ticket

One of the requirements for filing a Thailand Visa is you have to mention the flight you are gonna take. It requires that you fill in the date, flight number, and the airport you are gonna land. This is normal so am not going to talk about this in detail.

8. Online CoE

You must be relieved after you got the visa. You did a great job. You can chill a bit now.

But this process doesn’t end there.  Getting a Thai Visa was this hard and now the  CoE? yes!

Once you get the Visa to Thailand, you will need to have something called a Certificate of Entry (CoE).To get that certificate, go to the embassy’s website and on the left-hand side of the Home page, you will see a CoE Online.

First, you register yourself. Chances are that it might take some time but calm down for a bit this step isn’t that difficult. Just wait.

You will get a 6 digit code once your first process is successful. Keep that number with you. You will need it for the next step.  The second step is waiting for them to accept your application. This might take some time depending on your embassy. So, keep checking if your application is accepted or not. Once your application is approved, move to the next step where you need to submit all your documents online. This includes your ASQ, insurance, and flight information. You should get the Online CoE shortly after that. Cheers!


So now, you have a Thai visa and CoE in your hand. Congrats!

Please keep all the documents printed on your travel day. This includes

  1. CoE issued by the Embassy.
  2. Declaration form completed and signed by the applicant.
  3. The medical certificate with the PCR report mentioning that you do not have COVID-19.
  4. Fit to fly health certificate.
  5.  Proof of ASQ reservation.
  6. Valid health insurance policy.

Yes, it seems lengthy and complicated. You might get frustrated at times. Remember where you are going and the whole purpose to push you all the way.

You can always email me or call me if you have any confusion and need help.

Avinash Kuikel

I am a travel lover and have lived in Thailand for more than three years. I have traveled to countries mainly in South East Asia.
MBA from Thailand.
Bachelor from Kathmandu University,Nepal
Blogging is my hobby and passion.


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