Where is Everest ? In Nepal. Really?

October 23, 2021 2 comments

Many of you heard or read all your life that Everest is in Tibet. You have been reading it wrong. So in which country is Everest located? Well, Everest is located in Nepal. And here’s the reason.

So why do you hear Everest is in Tibet? Is it in Nepal then?

For mountains, the peak of the mountain determines its location. Although some parts of Everest is in Tibet, the summit is in Nepal. That’s why Everest is located in Nepal and not in Tibet. Makes sense?


to show why Everest is in Nepal and not in China(Tibet)

The peak of Everest is in Nepal shown in the photo with green. Although parts of it is in Tibet. 


In the picture above, the green mark is the peak of Everest. The peak of Everest as you can see is in Nepal.

If the peak of Everest was in Tibet, then we would say Everest is in Tibet, regardless of the base of Everest. The highest mountain in the world is 8848 m above sea level.

 How many people have climbed  Everest? What caused death?

One recent data says that about 300 people have died while climbing Everest. The major cause of death are avalanches, falls, serac collapse, exposure, frostbite, or health problems related to conditions on the mountain. Sadly, many of those bodies are not located. But what is the major reason or cause of death on Everest?



show dead body on Everest

Bodies take time to decay. Courtesy:www.buzznicked.com

A certain height of the mountain and above is called the Death zone. Above this zone, the oxygen pressure level is not sufficient to sustain human life.  Therefore, the vital organs stop functioning and people die eventually. So, insufficient oxygen pressure level is the major factor for the loss of life.


to show oxygen cylinder mountaineers use

Mountaineers carry oxygen cylinders with them to maintain oxygen pressure.
Credit: Buzzfeed.com

Is climbing Everest really expensive? The cost might surprise anyone!!

The short answer to the cost is about $ 45000 USD. That’s the minimum cost to climb Everest. It can go as high as $110,000 USD. In other words, that is also determined from climbing Everest in Nepal or Tibet.

So why is climbing Everest so expensive? And why does it range from $45000 to $110,000?

The major factors are

Since Everest is in Nepal and for many other reasons, the majority of climbers are from Nepal. It is cheaper to climb Everest from Tibet. Sometimes also referred to as the northern side.

You pay a substantial amount to the guide for carrying your stuff. Again, you have a choice,  Nepali guides or foreigners? Nepali guides are way cheaper than foreign guides.

The majority use bottled oxygen but for the few who don’t, it’s a saving. A  bottle costs around $465.00 and most clients use seven on a standard expedition.

So, to conclude  Everest is located in Nepal. Climbing Everest although has been easy compared to the past, it’s never easy and not cheap either.


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